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Beschrijving The X-One Pirate Set for kids combines the Pirate snorkel mask, X-one fins and Fuji ergonomic snorkel. A complete set for great performance in the water, even for little divers! The Pirate Mask has a soft, comfortable silicone face piece, which makes it ideal for prolonged wearing. Easy-to-adjust buckles on the face piece allow the mask to be worn with ease even by children. The special lens allows for a wide viewing angle in the water. The X-One fins boast a comfortable buckle-free strap adjustment, proving perfect for long snorkeling sessions. The foot pocket is perforated and allows water to flow through, preventing the parachute effect. The blade is equipped with channel trust technology for channeling energy and precisely directing movements, for perfect results with minimal effort. The X-One Pirate set is completed by a Fuji ergonomic silicone snorkel with semi-dry top and anti-splash technology. It also features a drain valve for cleaning the snorkel. This set is ideal for long snorkeling sessions. The main reasons to choose the X-One Pirate mask, fins and snorkel set are: - Pirate mask providing great vision, ergonomic, soft on the face - X-One fins with comfortable adjustment without buckle, perforated foot pocket, channel thrust technology - Ergonomic snorkel - Technology and design How to use the X-One Pirate set: Mask Instructions: - Lay the mask over your face, stretching the headband over the back of your head. - Pull on the ends of the headband so that the mask fits snugly over your face. If you pulled too much, release the headband using the buckles, then readjust accordingly. - To remove the mask safely, loosen the headpiece using the buckles and return it to the front of your face. - When entering the water from the boat, keep the mask close to the face and hold it with one hand. The dive should not be headfirst or face down first. - Blow through your nose if you feel the mask pressed against your face by water pressure. - If the lenses fog up, treat the inner surface with an anti-fogging solution, then rinse with water. Fin Instructions: - Fins make it easier to move through the water, both on the surface and underwater. - You should only wear fins when in the water, or immediately before diving from the boat. Do not wear fins to walk out of the water. If in the water, only walk backwards to avoid tripping. - For a snug and comfortable fit, wet your feet and fins before wearing. - Slip the fin on and then place the strap behind the heel, adjusting tension. If you pulled too much, release the strap and readjust. Snorkel Instructions: - The snorkel allows you to breathe when swimming near surface, without having to lift your head out of the water. - Attach the snorkel holder clip to the head of the mask so that the snorkel stays to your left. - Place the snorkel in your mouth, breathing normally in gentle fashion. - If you feel water inside the snorkel, squeeze your mouth slightly and blow vigorously to empty it. Care and maintenance of the X-One Pirate set: Follow the advice and instructions in the package insert.

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EAN: 792460344441

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