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Scuba Ranger Instructor

Why become a Scuba Ranger Instructor?

If you enjoy working with children and you enjoy teaching scuba, Scuba Rangers is arguably the most exciting opportunity for you since scuba was invented. It’s fun, it’s rewarding, it’s a joy. In fact, many Scuba Ranger Instructors report that they love it so much, they have no interest in teaching adults anymore.
  • Scuba Rangers is the leader in children’s scuba education. We believe in children, and we want to see them become confident, comfortable little divers. We have more experience than anyone in the business, and are ready to share it with you.
  • Scuba Rangers has a special training program for instructors. Experience has taught us that teaching children is much different than adults. We teach you how to adopt your existing knowledge and skills to training children.
  • Scuba Rangers has the only teaching system built specifically to train children about diving. It’s kid-friendly, and talks to them the way they like it.
  • Scuba Rangers cares about kids. We require background checks on all Scuba Ranger Instructors.
How become a SCUBARANGERS Instructor?
To become a SCUBA RANGERS Instructor candidates hve to fullfil the following requirements:
  • Complete the Scuba Rangers Instructor training
  • Provide professional liability insurance with Scuba Rangers listed as additional insured
  • Pass a background check
  • Provide a proof of current CPR/First Aid
  • Have at least 24 logged dives (6 within past 36 months)
SCUBA RANGERS Instructor Training can be accomplished in two different ways:
  • Open Water Divers: Home-study academic training in addition to in-water and academic training conducted by an active Scuba Rangers Instructor Trainer
  • Dive Leaders: Home-study academic training
Depending on the previous diving experience certified SCUBA RANGERS are qualified to:
  • Open Water Divers: Conduct the Scuba Rangers Development Program and Specialties/Club Events in the pool only (no deeper than 12 feet/3.6 metres)
  • Dive Leaders: Conduct the Scuba Rangers Development Program and Specialties/Club Events in the pool or confined water (no deeper than 12 feet/3.6 metres
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Minimum leeftijd 18 jaar
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